Cuban heel

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a broad heel of medium height on women's shoes

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White T-shirt, white linen pants and white Cuban heels.
Al Pacino's kind of funny and scarily intense as a Cuban heel in Miami.
No stranger to the Cuban heel, Al is a well-known shorty - but it doesn't stop him getting tough parts such as Don Corleone in The Godfather III.
Preston: the two-faced poser I called him out to be, and now just a down at the Cuban heel ordinary boy, and that eejit from Goldie Lookin' Chain, back in Wales, his record contract cancelled.
And if you want to appear taller, bear in mind that the Cuban heel gives a few inches of added height, too.
It's a completely different experience from walking out in a spangly costume and Cuban heels to perform a ballroom tango you've learned only four days previously.
Also, he's quite keen on Jazzy, but he'd need a pair of Cuban heels in order to reach.
I did eventually get the Beatle boots with their Cuban heels, and the uniform black polo neck sweater that at least marked me out as being from the generation that would change the world.
His injuries are said to have resulted from wearing Cuban heels, which boost his height.
you guessed it, Bruce must dust off his Cuban heels to woo her.
I love classic black coats especially Crombies and Chelsea boots or Cuban heels.
When I was at school the problem was with hair grown much too long and wearing winkle-pickers with Cuban heels.
31 ( ANI ): Simon Cowell, who is already known for wearing Cuban heels, was seen attaining some more height by sitting on a cushion at a 'Britain's Got Talent' audition this week.
Tank tops, Cuban heels, bright floral shirts with enormous collars - not exactly Harry Hill but you get the drift.