Cuban heel

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a broad heel of medium height on women's shoes

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Trainer Clive Cox may continue his fine form this month with Grand Koonta and Cuban Heel at Newbury this afternoon JOHN WALTON
Alma De Cuban Heel Beatle Day Alma De Cuban Heel will take place at Alma de Cuba, Seel Street, on August 25 at noon.
15PM Al Pacino is funny and scarily intense as hoodlum Cuban heel in Brian De Palma's operatic Miami vice epic.
Dante, resplendent in crimson suit and black Cuban heel boots, demanded the house lights in the darkened tent be turned up so he could see the crowd.
I was now hanging on to its neck and my Cuban heel boots were stuck in the stirrups in mid-air behind me.
Hitting notes higher than even the best Cuban Heels, Boogie Nights rolled into town with a non-stop journey through the glory years of disco.
Chano Pozo, conjure images of Cuban heels spinning around hot and sultry dance floors laden with olive-skinned Latinos with painted red pouts.
From Cuban heels and mop hairdos to flappy flares, pink satin and mascara, it's non-stop entertainment.
And, thanks to the ``Evita'' film, so are '40s-style suits, nude pantyhose, pearl necklaces with matching button earrings, and shoes with ankle straps, open toes and thick Cuban heels.
He is also thought to have hurt his ankles after toppling over on his Cuban heels.
The 53-year-old music mogul was spotted wearing a pair of Cuban heels at the launch of his biography in London last April.
has more Cowell trademarks than a pair of high-waisted trousers or Cuban heels.
Watson side-skipped across the stage in his Cuban heels, loosened his tie and gave the performance everything he had and more, as he brought a taste of the best Italian opera to Wales.
I had my first pair of Cuban heels when I was a teenager.