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a native or inhabitant of Cuba

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com/news/2018/03/06/in-2011-portland-police-investigated-a-sexual-assault-complaint-against-billionaire-mark-cuban-he-wasnt-charged-heres-what-happened/) report  obtained by the Willamette Week, the woman, currently in her 30s, told investigators she spotted Cuban at the bar in April 2011 and posed for a picture with him on the advice of a friend.
Piero Gleijeses and Christine Hatzky have addressed the question of how to analyze the Cuban mission in Angola in ways that are both similar and dissimilar.
The Cuban people deserve a government that peacefully upholds democratic values, economic liberties, religious freedoms, and human rights, and my Administration is committed to achieving that vision.
In addition, Cuban and other Latin American governments have argued that this type of exodus creates risks for the migrants, encourages their mistreatment as well as illegal human trafficking, and causes international crises.
Leadership is not yelling and screaming and intimidating," Cuban said in a surprise appearance at a Clinton rally.
Costa Rican Immigration Director Kathya Rodriguez said Saturday that the 56 Cubans are being held in the capital city of San Jose.
The Cuban government is struggling to bolster a dysfunctional centrally planned economy after decades of inefficiency and underinvestment.
Though a scholar with a particular interest in Cuban diasporic literature, Lopez considers a wider view of Cuban American performance as it takes place through different media and genres.
Cuban officials have said one reason is to improve relations with the more than one million Cubans living over-seas, recognizing that most now leave for economic rather than political reasons.
This volume brings together Cuban and non-Cuban contributors in order to explore potentials, pitfalls, and possibilities of reshaping Cuban-United States relations towards normalization.
Any collection strong in dance history in general and ethnic dance history in particular must acquire CUBAN BALLET.
The book explores--as it subtitle indicates--how Cuban American writers and artists (mostly painters) negotiate their hyphenated identity through their artistic production.
Imaging the Chinese in Cuban Literature and Culture.
Summary: As the economic recession weakens demand for works from elsewhere in Latin America, collectors say the Cuban art market is showing signs of vitality.