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Sail Cuba is the newest addition to insightCuba's Specialty Tour series.
programs in Cuba include humanitarian support to political prisoners and their families, human rights and democracy promotion, and facilitating the free flow of information to, from and within the island.
7: The Other "Axis Of Evil:" Cuba & North Korea
Castro, a former student opposition leader, had just returned to Cuba from a long exile in Mexico three months earlier and had been on the run ever since.
Q: One of your actors, Julio Oscar Merchoso, who, like you, left Cuba at a young age, says, ``I hurt when I see people wearing Che Guevara T-shirts.
Except for Cuba, that is, where the Kennedy administration gave Castro a security guarantee, pledging not to attempt to overthrow him, and not to allow anyone else to do so either--so long as the Russians removed their missiles.
The Cuba Campaign offers immediate ways to address WILPF's major themes: peace; racial, social, and economic justice; and radical democracy.
The trickle of exports allowed in to Cuba from the U.
Communications Minister Ignacio Gonzalez told the media that Cuba lacks the bandwidth to allow unrestricted access to the internet and blamed trade sanctions imposed on his country by the United States.
A statement by the president of the biennial's board in the exhibition catalogue sweepingly condemns the withdrawal of funding as "part of the wave of hostile actions carried out by the European Union against Cuba.
Cuba in the late 18th century was a society in the throes of multiple transformations.
Havana--Catholic commemorations in Cuba have been almost nonexistent since Castro's 1959 revolution.
WHEN I ARRIVED LAST NOVEMBER, Cuba felt like a private paradise.
John Boyd, president of NBFA, says the Cuba contract will have a major impact on African American farming.