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the basic unit of money in Angola

a festival featuring African-American culture


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Contract Award: Consultancy Services For The Preparation Of An Integrated Management Plan For Cuanza River Basin
It is located in seven provinces namely: Cabinda, Cunene, Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Namibe, Bengo, and Cuanza Sul.
One of Angola s most ambitious projects comprises the build of a 2GW LaE[bar]ca hydroelectric power station in the Kwanza riverbed on border of the Cuanza Norte and Bengo provinces in Angola.
In January, 2015, Mucoso irrigated perimeter situated in Cambambe municipality, northern Cuanza Norte province announced that it would officially re-start its activities, following benefiting from a deep repair, comprising a modern system of irrigation.
The provincial government of northern Cuanza Norte province has planned to invest a minimum of Akz 4.
2 billion was assigned to Cuanza Norte province to execute the PIP for execution of 29 projects.
The consultant said that 12 secondary schools are being put up in the provinces of Bie, Malanje, UE[degrees]ge, Cuanza Sul, Cunene, Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Moxico, Cuando Cubango and Bengo, aimed to lessen shortfall at this level of education.
On 15th December, South Korea is placing new areas of collaboration with Angola, stated by Ambassador Hangu Oh following the brief visit to the Angolan province of Cuanza Sur.
In Cuanza Sur, Oh declared atht he will be assessing the potentiality for executing plans and also added that relation between Angola and South Korea should aim on two pillars: understanding and trust, as well as mutual benefits.
Following the meet with Oh, Cuanza Sur Governor Eusebio de Brito Teixeira showed interest in setting up connections with South Korea and explained that, comportment of the South Korean ambassador was a great chance to put this common interest into practice, as well as to encourage to business and investment
VLCO Energy announced that it has started contacting companies to rent a semi-submersible platform to start the oil prospecting phase in the pre-salt layer of Angola s Cuanza Basin.
Steve Guidry, VLCO Energy's executive president, said he was content by the official decision, especially due to recent discoveries in the Cuanza Basin .
According to Sumol+Compal, the company has allocated funds worth 22m for building and operating the facility, together with promotion and supply in the province of Cuanza Norte.
The Banco Sol has launched a new branch in Angola on Thursday, which is located at Sumbe in Cuanza Sul province.
The bank s existing branches in Cuanza Sul province are situated in the municipalities of Cela, Kibala and Porto Amboim.