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6 million cu yd of polychlorinated biphenyl-contaminated sediment in a $460-million cleanup of New York's Hudson River.
The Washoe County Purchasing Office is currently accepting sealed bids on behalf of the Equipment Services Division of the Washoe County Community Services Department to lease New Fleet Heavy Equipment consisting of two (2) 4 CU YD Wheel Loaders; one (1) 5.
The company said that this complex infrastructure project is currently underway and it will supply more than 375,000 cu yd of concrete for the 21-mile reconstruction.
The large screener crusher attachment (sizes range from 5 cu yd to 11.
During the course of the expansion, vehicles, including Cat's 777D off-highway truck, will move 27 million cu yd of dirt, or 975,000 dump truck loads.
The largest waste bin ever injection molded is 2 cu yd or 400 gal.
Wisconsin produces 8 million cu yd of concrete per year.
Further, the company mentioned that it will use a combination of hopper and clamshell vessels to dredge over 1m cu yd to deepen a section of the river from 40 ft to 45 ft, adding that it had deepened a different section of the Delaware River two years ago as well.
hopper capacity of more than six cu yd, and no grease fittings.
A tank for 100 manifolds might hold 25 cu yd of solution (four manifolds/cu yd is a rule of thumb).
Tenders are invited for 540 sy subbase granular material; 635 sy pavement removal; 247 sy pavement connector for bridge approach slab; 60 sy class d patches; 458 sy hma shoulders; 24 cu yd concrete removal; 22 cy concrete superstructure; 61 lf preformed joint strip seal; 188 cu yd concrete superstructure (approach slab); 499 sy bridge deck scarification and latex concrete overlay; 7,400 lb rebar; 1 elastomeric bearing assembly; 100 lf remove and re-erect steel plate beam guardrail; 4 remove and re-erect traffic barrier terminals; 3,135 lf polyurea pavement marking; mobilization; traffic control and protection
Tenders are invited for Marathon RJ-250 Ultra Self-contained Compactor, or approved equal w/rear mounted tow cart lifter: 2 Cu Yd capacity charge chamber; 40"L x 58"W feed opening; multi-cycle timer to permit ram to cycle up to 6 times without interruption; 25 Cu Yd capacity watertight container; 10 HP Baldor motor.