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281 cu yd of landfill airspace saved -- 1,365 mature trees saved -- 37,174 gallons of oil saved -- 1,927 gallons of gasoline saved -- 562,030 gallons of water saved -- 329,189 kw-hr of electricity saved
Reportedly easier to use than standard barrels or collection drums, the hopper comes with capacity of 1 or 2 cu yd.
2) pulls the material from the mining site to a dumpsite, For mining sites, the choice of a shovel or dragline is based as much on the material being mined as amount of material, A shovel typically can handle up to 90 cu yd of material at one time, while a dragline can handle more than double that.
6 million cu yd of polychlorinated biphenyl-contaminated sediment in a $460-million cleanup of New York's Hudson River.
The facility, which took about two and a half years to construct, is 79 feet in diameter and 239 feet tall, and more than 6,200 cu yd of concrete was used during construction.