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(computer science) the key on a computer keyboard that is used (in combination with some other key) to type control characters

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Simply hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys while clicking on each color-channel thumbnail.
To start the computer in Safe Mode, press and hold the Ctrl key (in Windows 98) or F8 (in Windows XP) during the start-up routine and choose Safe Mode from the list of options, using the arrow keys and pressing Enter to confirm.
With several documents open at once, hold down the ctrl key and then press F6.
Then choose File [right arrow] New to create a new drawing, select the ellipse tool (circle in the Toolbox), and hold down the CTRL key to create a perfect circle.
Again, should the program return an error message or should any beeps sound, press either the Esc key or Ctrl key and Break keys.
If this command string is in a glossary preceded by a code character, 1, it can then be placed in the program merely by holding the CTRL key and pressing G, which enters the glossary function, and then typing the character 1.
To view the article, press CTRL key + click on the link below:
To have the number 1 extend to 2, 3, 4, and so on, hold down the CTRL key while dragging the fill handle.
However, the ThinkPad E420s allows you to interchange the functions of the Fn and Ctrl key in the BIOS setting i.
After you select the first block of words, hold down the Ctrl key as you use the mouse to select each subsequent block.
A much faster way is to select the message you want to save by holding the Ctrl key and clicking each message in turn, then drag them all to your desktop or a folder.
If you use this software, press and hold the CTRL key when you click on the Register button.
Most people know how to select multiple ranges in Excel using the Ctrl key and the mouse, but there are other methods that can be more efficient.
Excel: To easily add noncontiguous numbers, place your cursor in the cell you want the sum to appear, click on AutoSum ([SIGMA]), and while you're holding down the Ctrl key click on each of the cells you want to include.
If you click one by mistake, click it again without releasing the Ctrl key.