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a soft silver-white ductile metallic element (liquid at normal temperatures)

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By utilizing a firm that is qualified to a complete both a CSS and a PCA will translate into additional cost savings to the owner.
a partnership, estate or trust) is a resident only to the extent its income is subject to tax in a CS as income' of a resident, either in its hands or in the hands of its partners or beneficiaries.
Engaged in the active conduct of a substantial trade or business in the CS of residence (other than the business of making or managing investments, unless by a bank or insurance company), and deriving income from the other CS in connection with (or incidental to) that business(47);
In addition, thanks to the efforts of users, developers, and translators, W3C has released a new version of the CSS validator in time for CSS10.
WatchTower and support from CITTIO offer us a tremendous opportunity to take our network and systems monitoring services far beyond standard 'break-fix,'" said Lynn Rich, CSS Group president and CEO.
Corda's new CSS solution has it all-fast implementation of the KPIs that almost all service organizations track, plus strategic customization delivered by Corda's in-house dashboarding and CSS experts," said John Purvis, Corda CEO.
Jennifer Urick, Vice President of Product Development for Learning Tree International, said, "Attendees of this course will have the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge they will need to rapidly develop cross-platform Web pages for their organizations using CSS and HTML.
Here at CSS Laboratories, we work extremely hard to provide our clients with the best possible service as well as the most innovative and top-of-the-line products," said Siew Yeung, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
We are pleased to partner with OEM Integrators and continue to provide them with excellent service through our OEM Integration Program," said Edward Chiu, president of CSS Laboratories.
CSS is the only on-line vendor-neutral training for IP Telephony.
Available as a stand-alone software application or as a component of the Adobe Creative Suite 2, also announced today (see separate press release), GoLive CS2 introduces innovative new CSS layout tools, a rich environment for mobile content development based on open standards and tight integration with Adobe Creative Suite 2 software applications.
As a result of the completion of the tender offer and immediately following payment of the tendered shares, CSS will have approximately 10,384,534 shares issued and outstanding.
CSS commenced the tender offer on February 3, 2005, when it offered to purchase up to 1,500,000 shares of its Common Stock at a price between $30.