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the branch of science that studies the formation and structure of crystals

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The results presented show the diffractions corresponding to the crystallographic planes of the cubic and hexagonal structures, forming a mixture of phases of the Ca, PO4 y [(OH).
2] surface, for instance, the adsorbate/metallicoxide interaction always refers to a specific crystallographic plane.
The charge distribution on the surface of the crystal depends on many factors: surface morphology, crystal blockiness, presence of defects of various types, crystallographic plane of crystal surface.
Since they form within solid austenite on preferred crystallographic planes, these platelets will assume an angular relationship (in three dimensions) of 120[degrees] to each other within a given austenite grain.
No obvious relationship of the foliar globules to specific crystallographic planes was found, although several possibilities were considered.
Supposing that the stress state applied to the aggregate of crystals is given by the Cauchy stress tensor [sigma], the shear stress on the crystallographic planes can be determined by resolving [sigma] onto the slip systems using continuum mechanics
If the condition becomes significant, the precipitation onto crystallographic planes can occur aside from the primary graphite flakes, creating hatch marks in the structure.
hkl)], according to the Scherrer formula, evaluated for the crystallographic planes (110), (040), and (130), are presented in the Table 3.
597 [Angstrom] on the equatorial representing (110) crystallographic planes and (ii) 13.
These correspond to the [beta]3(010), [alpha](001), [alpha](200)/[beta](200) and [alpha](020)/[beta](001) crystallographic planes, respectively.
WAXD pole figures provided quantitative evaluation of the level of biaxial orientation of crystallographic planes.
which are calculated from the pole intensity distributions of specific crystallographic planes.