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Synonyms for crystallization

the formation of crystals

a rock formed by the solidification of a substance


a mental synthesis that becomes fixed or concrete by a process resembling crystal formation

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A few methods have been developed to estimate the effective energy barrier ([DELTA] E) in nonisothermal crystallization processes using differential thermal data (kinetic parameters) measured at different scanning rates.
It uses plenty of case studies and examples of crystallization processes, ranging from development through manufacturing scale-up.
Morphological parameters and degree of crystallinity for the neat poly(ester amide) and its nanocomposite with Cloisite C25A during hot and cold crystallization processes.
Topics Covered: Complexes in Solutions Three-Dimensional Nucleation and Metastable Zone Width Kinetics and Mechanism of Crystal Growth: An Overview Effect of Impurities on Crystal Growth Kinetics Dead Supersaturation Zone and Threshold Supersaturations for Growth Mineralization in Natural and Artificial Systems Morphology and Size Distribution of Crystals Additives and Crystallization Processes in Industries Incorporation of Impurities in Crystals
The value of the index n from nonisothermal crystallization processes can also be used to provide insight into the kinetics of crystalline nucleation and growth.
1 is a particular milestone for researchers modeling crystal structure and crystallization processes.
The nucleation behavior and the overall kinetics of crystallization, therefore, are analyzed to further explore the roles of the CNTs acted in various crystallization processes.
Improved crystallization processes can provide routes to higher purity final products.
The famous Lauritzen-Hoffmann equation was used to describe the spherulite growth rate in isothermal crystallization processes of homopolymers at higher degrees of supercooling (22):