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Crystalline silica (quartz) is a particularly important component of the [PM.
Many have predicted that the rule will be modeled closely off of OSHA's proposed crystalline silica rule, which was published in September 2013.
The Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC) calculates the shortfall in "Costs to the Construction Industry and Job Impacts from OSHA's Proposed Occupational Exposure Standards for Crystalline Silica," a report prepared for members and submitted to Assistant Secretary of Labor Dr.
OSHA released a proposed rule to protect workers exposed to respirable crystalline silica, noting regulations hadn't been altered since the 1970s.
AFS also has created a Crystalline Silica Resource page at www.
The proposal would significantly tighten the current PEL of 100 micrograms of respirable crystalline silica per cubic meter of air ([micro]g/cu.
Accumulations of crystalline silica must be removed by HEPA vacuum or wet methods if exposures exceed the PEL.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) formally issued a draft of comprehensive rules for controlling exposure to crystalline silica on August 23.
The task force will be directing the industry's comments and discussions with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in response to the agency's proposed comprehensive crystalline silica standard announced on August 23.
Crystalline silica dust, generally around 4 microns in diameter or less, is also especially harmful.
Silicosis is a fibrotic lung disorder caused by inhalation, retention and pulmonary reaction to crystalline silica, as a result of exposure during mining, stone crushing and quarrying activities.
The filler, WhiteLite Alumino Silicate, reportedly is free of crystalline silica, has 100% recycled content, and offers improved scratch resistance to automotive plastics such as nylon and PP.
1 to 5 parts per hundred parts resin (phr) of one or more wax and from 75 phr to 200 phr of one or more extenders wherein the one or more extenders is selected from the group consisting of barium sulfate, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, crystalline silica (quartz), calcium metasilicate, soda lime glass spheres, magnesium silicate, nepheline syenite, muscovite mica, diatomaceous earth, kaolin clay and calcium carbonate.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently sought comment on proposed standards to reduce occupational exposure to respirable crystalline silica.
Rulemakings on crystalline silica and injury and illness reporting are finally moving forward in 2014.