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a 3-dimensional geometric arrangement of the atoms or molecules or ions composing a crystal

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The increased participation and breadth of methods adopted underline the importance of crystal structure prediction methods, in particular for pharmaceutical R&D.
It then succeeded in developing a new type of zirconia that has both higher flexural strength and fracture toughness and, when exposed to hydrothermal condition, its crystal structure does not change to a monoclinic phase, a common cause of compromised strength.
This example shows that it is not always possible for drug companies to identify all the variations of a drug's crystal structure through traditional experimentation, which is time consuming and expensive.
Kodani and Imahori have found that the I-form crystal structure is dramatically improved by a simple treatment of dissolving the vinylidene fluoride homopolymer in a specific organic solvent or in a solution containing the organic solvent, and then evaporating the organic solvent.
The study sheds the first light on the detailed architecture of this elusive complex as the X-ray crystal structure now provides detailed information about the Fas-FADD complex at a resolution of 2.
Knowing the crystal structure of a material enables scientists to calculate its other physical properties such as its elasticity or thermochemical properties," Le Page explains.
GB 2 395 718 B covering the use of the crystal structure of human cytochrome P450 3A4 granted on 19th January 2005
In the current work, we have clarified the relationship not only between the crystal size and the wavelength of the absorbed light, but also between the crystal structure and the absorption spectra, thereby enabling the establishment of a method of evaluation of the relationship between the structures and the functions of the nano-crystals.
This kind of crystal structure was found in even-even, odd, and most of the even nylons, which gives a pair of strong diffractions at 0.
A--is a solid found in rocks and soil that has a specific crystal structure.
IMPRESS focuses on exotic materials known as "intermetallics," which are like metals but have a different crystal structure and are harder, tougher and more temperature-resistant than conventional metals.
A lengthy introduction considers gem formation, mining, crystal structure and physical and optical properties of gems in addition to a history of gems and some detailed material on famous gems and the luck--or curse--they supposedly brought to their owners.
Some recent studies carried out on BM16 are described, including crystal structure solution and refinement, anomalous scattering, in situ measurements, residual strain in engineering components, investigation of microstructure, and grazing-incidence diffraction from surface layers.
Change in crystal structure above a certain comonomer content such that the new crystal structure could accommodate comonomer units in the crystal.
Researchers say they have solved the crystal structure of a key protein that allows the paramyxoviruses--the major cause of croup and other diseases--to attach to cells, which in turn permits the viruses to invade cells and cause respiratory illness.