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an early radio receiver using a crystal detector

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Glass and crystal sets, decanters and related items of both plastic and steel, took the second-largest portion, around 33 percent.
Glass & crystal set, decanters & related items*; 33%; 33%
Soon, the National Vintage Communications Fair became THE place to visit in Britain for anyone seeking crystal sets, vintage telephones, ancient typewriters and all the valves, condensers and other spare bits and pieces needed to get some piece of old equipment working once more.
He amassed more than 500 radios, telephones, phonographs, gramophones, radiograms, record players, crystal sets, and TVs dating from the end of the 19th Century to the 1970s.
This is the second consecutive year the rate of bar tool sales outpaced the rate of the three other barware categories -- glass and crystal drinkware, glass and crystal sets (including decanters and related items), and ice buckets and coolers -- each of which grew between 5 and 8 percent.
A third of the consumer dollars went to glass and crystal sets and decanters, while less than a quarter went for tools.
Other cards included inventions and discoveries, with several series on very early broadcasting and crystal sets.
From the crystal sets of the Twenties up to the BayGen clockwork radio - the most contemporary radio on sale today - Jonathan has amassed unique and innovative examples that tell the story of home entertainment.
Among the items on sale are early crystal sets from the 1920s and a coil receiver used to listen to the first signals transmitted from the Eiffel Tower.
At the same time it will help visitors to construct their own simple wireless crystal sets made partly from recycled materials.
Early crystal sets from the same period still sell for less than pounds 100.
Catalogers, though, have begun to capitalize on the incremental sales these "ensemble packs" generate through Hi-Lite, which offers four- and five-piece crystal sets.
There are also old radios, telephones, typewriters, gramophones, sewing machines and early television sets, crystal sets and musical boxes plus some superb railwayana.
He claimed he started with basic four-pack crystal sets at $19.