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Synonyms for crystallization

the formation of crystals

a rock formed by the solidification of a substance


a mental synthesis that becomes fixed or concrete by a process resembling crystal formation

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None of the individuals survived, indicating that this species was not tolerant of ice crystal formation below the SCP.
Oysters frozen with current technology are suitable for salads and deep-frying as they have been compromised by ice crystal formation and oxidization.
Because higher process temperatures are required for Pb-free wave soldering processes, intermetallic crystal formation is more commonplace than in standard SnPb soldering.
We will test this hypothesis by examining the corrosion behavior of sandstone when it is constantly submerged in saline solutions (without crystal formation occurring).
It has been proposed that the interaction of proteins with specific crystal planes is governed by intrinsic stereochemical recognition of the macromolecules for specific molecular motifs exposed on certain crystal planes, which implies the stimulation of crystal formation at certain sites and relatively inhibition of the process at all other sites (Weiner & Addadi 1991, Mann et al.
A Solute concentration, pH, storage time, and temperature all play a role in crystal formation.
Unfortunately, solving the problem of crystal formation only marginally improved pump performance.
The FastFreezer produces higher quality products, with less dehydration and smaller crystal formation.
Study results revealed chicken and beef stored in the freezer in FoodSaver Bags showed no weight loss, no ice crystal formation and no visible freezer burn after the full four-week period.
It has a different crystal formation than table salt, has no additives, adheres more and dissolves more quickly.
Ca/Mg carbonate crystal formation occurred in this water during the experiments and somewhat obscured the main purpose of the study.
C-Mold derives its "fast-cool" data from standard equilibrium pvT and transition-temperature information, along with measurements of crystallization kinetics - that is, the amount and size of crystal formation.
These drugs control the amount of acid or alkali in the urine, key factors in crystal formation.
Founded in 2000, Rubicon sought after experts in sapphire crystal formation and processing, and the optoelectronics and semiconductor industries from around the world to redefine the end-to-end process for the manufacture of sapphire wafers.