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For example, he believes that liquid crystal diode (LCD) technology is advantageous for cluster assemblies, too.
I have heard there is a new feature of liquid crystal diode and other flat panel monitors (revolving mirrors) that is called resolution latency, where the monitor has a resolution for which it was designed and at which it runs best.
The market has changed greatly since the last edition of this report was published, when cathode ray tube (CRT) technology still had an important position in the market and CRT's main competitors were rear projection (including digital light processing), liquid crystal diode (LCD) and plasma flat panel displays.
The Nature article details how combining certain molecular properties with a phosphorous sensitizer can result in light sources that are brighter, last longer and may be less expensive to produce than today's traditionally used liquid crystal diode (LCD) technology and inorganic light emitting diode (LED) technology.
Lead shielding for a large plastic detector panel is far larger than that required to shield a Nal crystal, but the plastic panels are less likely to be disrupted by thermal or physical shock than are the crystal diodes.