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branched lighting fixture

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The lounge is situated at C11 of the Satellite Building and is equipped with spacious sofa seating, marbled floors, VIP-room, crystal chandeliers and considerable F&B selections.
is revered as the world's leading crystal chandelier brand, specializing in the design and production of handcrafted chandeliers and exclusive tailor-made and custom crystal lighting.
3) The large French 19th century Louis XV style gilt-bronze and crystal chandelier attributed to Baccarat in the living-room.
uk, 0845 643 9113); Chrome & crystal chandelier pounds 31.
Sometimes the perfect fixture comes in pieces and parts in a box from a flea market or antiques store, as this old bronze and crystal chandelier from New Orleans did.
NEW YORK -- Baccarat has been selected to create an 80-light, 10-foot-high crystal chandelier and four companion 48-light crystal chandeliers for the lobby of the restored Plaza Hotel.
INTERMISSION Take the elevator to the fourth-floor promenade circle for views of the oversize modern, deconstructed crystal chandelier and the luminescent Fire Bird sculpture across the plaza.
From top, clockwise, a specialist cleaner works on an English 19th-century lead crystal chandelier in the ballroom at Buckingham Palace.
For that reason, Burns designed his own elaborate outfits, such as a leather jacket with pieces from a crystal chandelier sewn onto the arms.
After some persuasion, an usher set noisy, ancient folding chairs for us just below the azure, domed ceiling, which was filled with the three Graces and cherubs and in full view of the Phantom of the Opera-style crystal chandelier.
It has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a billiard room, a climate-controlled wine cellar and a crystal chandelier.
David's fellow Manchester United and England star TEDDY SHERINGHAM has spent an amazing pounds 30,000 on a crystal chandelier for his luxury apartment.
Crystal chandelier manufacturers are creating contemporary styles as well as lighting with traditional elegance.