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Synonyms for crypt

Synonyms for crypt

a burial place or receptacle for human remains

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a cellar or vault or underground burial chamber (especially beneath a church)

References in classic literature ?
But in the midst of our play I felt a sudden cold chill, reminding me of deep mines and gloomy crypts, such a chill as I had experienced that very morning.
At the most remote end of the crypt there appeared another less spacious.
And if it's bitter cold for you, up in the chancel, with a lot of live breath smoking out about you, what the bitterness is to Durdles, down in the crypt among the earthy damps there, and the dead breath of the old 'uns,' returns that individual, 'Durdles leaves you to judge.
If you can make a light I am sure you will find an old lamp here in the crypt, and then will it be less fearsome.
I've got a couple of skulls down in the crypt," he said; "come and see those.
fourteenth century a ghoul was cornered in the crypt of the cathedral
When the bachelor had given her in connection with almost every tomb and flat grave-stone some history of its own, he took her down into the old crypt, now a mere dull vault, and showed her how it had been lighted up in the time of the monks, and how, amid lamps depending from the roof, and swinging censers exhaling scented odours, and habits glittering with gold and silver, and pictures, and precious stuffs, and jewels all flashing and glistening through the low arches, the chaunt of aged voices had been many a time heard there, at midnight, in old days, while hooded figures knelt and prayed around, and told their rosaries of beads.
This would be a circumstance, doubtless, totally unworthy to dwell in the memory of so rigid an anchorite; yet, I think, were you to search yonder crypt once more, you would find that I am right in my conjecture.
Niches in crypts being smaller than the standard ones in a cemetery or memorial park means that these are often secondary burials, the decomposed remains gathered into a smaller container and transferred from cemetery to crypt.
The serrations are often the result of small clumps of epithelial cells, sometimes referred to as micropapillary processes, that protrude into the lumen and are separated by single cells along the sides of crypts and mucosal surface.
The researchers at Washington University School of Medicine showed that stem cells are normally protected from butyrate by tiny pockets built into the lining of the intestine, called the crypts of Leiberkuhn.
The medial surface of the tonsil is made up of multiple tonsillar crypts varying from 8-20 in number.
Objective: Pathogens and symbionts: War and Peace at mucosal surface in intestinal crypts.
The Newark archdiocese, the largest single provider of in-ground burials in New Jersey, must give up a lucrative companion business--the marketing of headstones and private crypts --under a bill signed into law March 23 by Gov.
crypts hidden below the ruins of Coventry Cathedral will -lic thanks to six-figure MYSTERIOUS crypts hidden below the ruins of Coventry Cathedral will be opened up to the public thanks to six-figure government funding.