Cryptotis parva

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small brown shrew of grassy regions of eastern United States


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Least shrew, Cryptotis parva, in southwestern Kansas and southeastern Colorado.
Historical biogeography of western peripheral isolates of the least shrew, Cryptotis parva.
The major species in the dry old field were Cryptotis parva (16), Microtus ochrogaster (9), and Blarina brevicauda (7), Zapus hudsonius (3), and single individuals of Peromyscus leucopus, Synaptomys cooperi, and M.
Cryptotis parva is seldom taken in large numbers, but surprisingly was the second most commonly taken species at NSA Crane.
Because of uncertainties regarding identifications in light of studies since the publications on the Sloth caves, specimens identified as Neotoma mexicana (Mexican woodrat), Cryptotis parva (least shrew), and Sorex cinereus (masked shrew) from those caves were borrowed from the Vertebrate Paleontology Collection of Texas Tech University for restudy.
Owl pellets reveal Cryptotis parva, a new record for Caddo County, Oklahoma.
2002 Taxon Colony Non-colony Baiomys taylori 0 1 Chaetodipus hispidus 5 32 Cryptotis parva 0 1 Microtus ochrogaster 2 0 Mus musculus 0 1 Onychomys leucogaster 29 19 Perognathus 7 17 Peromyscus 76 107 Reithrodontomys 4 35 Sigmodon hispidus 0 6 Spermophilus tridecemlineatus 7 3 Total 130 222 2003 Taxon Colony Non-colony Total Baiomys taylori 0 0 1 Chaetodipus hispidus 8 57 102 Cryptotis parva 0 0 1 Microtus ochrogaster 0 3 5 Mus musculus 0 0 1 Onychomys leucogaster 54 4 106 Perognathus 4 7 35 Peromyscus 77 124 384 Reithrodontomys 2 32 73 Sigmodon hispidus 0 41 47 Spermophilus tridecemlineatus 37 19 66 Total 182 287 821
Reports of Cryptotis parva extending its range into west-central Texas have increased considerably since Hall (1981) and Davis & Schmidly (1994) published their distributional maps of the least shrew.
While conducting a mammal survey of Howard County, a junction point of the Edwards Plateau, Llano Estacado and the Rolling Plains, six specimens of Cryptotis parva were collected.
Knowledge of the distribution of the least shrew, Cryptotis parva, in Texas and New Mexico has increased markedly since the publication of Hall (1981).
On 22 July 1993, a female specimen of Cryptotis parva was brought to the Angelo State Natural History Collections (ASNHC) of Angelo State University.
In addition, remains of Cryptotis parva were relatively common in the pellets; the least shrew has been considered previously as uncommon in this part of north-central Texas (Dalquest and Horner, 1984; Jones et al.
The following mammalian taxa were recovered: Cryptotis parva (lower jaw); Perognathus sp.
Perhaps most notable are the two shrews, Cryptotis parva and Notiosorex crawfordi.
leucopus (N = 36), Neotoma floridana (eastern woodrat, N = 3), and one Cryptotis parva (least shrew).