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the science of analyzing and deciphering codes and ciphers and cryptograms

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For the convenience of the reader, we briefly describe the original RSA cryptosystem in the form of a theorem.
In this paper, we build our solution based on a probabilistic public-key cryptosystem that supports rerandomization of a ciphertext, and the threshold decryption.
Goto, An improvement of the algebric surface Public-key Cryptosystem, Proceedings of SCIS, 2008.
That was the first work on hybrid cryptosystem [6][7][10].
In 1985, elgamal published a paper titled: AA public key cryptosystem and a signature scheme based on discrete logarithms@, in which he proposed the design of the elgamal discrete logrithm cryptosystem and of the elgamal signature scheme.
In this paper, a public key cryptosystem using Number theoretic transforms (NTT) [7, 8, and 12] over the ring of integer modulo a composite number n resistible against brute force attack is discussed.
In general, the cryptographer has the benefit over the cryptanalyst (the person attacking the cryptosystem) as he or she can select the key size for any desired level of security (measured in 'cost' either in euros or computer-years), provided everyone has the same base of knowledge of best attacks on the underlying cryptosystem," Kohel said.
Chin-Chen Chang, Min-Shian Hwang, and Tung-Shou Chen [7] use one of the popular image compression techniques, vector quantization to design an efficient cryptosystem for images.
The elliptic curve cryptosystem utilizes mathematical operations over elliptic curves and encrypts data using short key lengths at high efficiency while maintaining a high level of security.
Cryptosystem from the last names of inventors, Khadivi and Schaff (2001) relied on several NP-complete problems.
Though NSA is the usual government agency for building cryptosystems, the agency was unwilling to design a cryptosystem for public use.
Invented more than 20 years ago, the so-called RSA cryptosystem is widely used to provide privacy for electronic mail, ensure authenticity of digital data, and handle credit-card payments on the Internet.
You can buy a disk containing a good public-key cryptosystem in software stores in Moscow.
Parties would be able to identify whom they transact with by ensuring that the secret key ''cryptosystem'' -- a set of rules for encrypting messages sent over the Internet -- used by a party to a potential deal corresponds with its public key cryptosystem, which is registered with a registry office of the Justice Ministry beforehand.
The belief that factoring huge numbers is intrinsically difficult underlies one widely used cryptosystem.