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Cyan: Cyanophyta, Chlo: Chlorophyta, Baci: Bacillariophyta, Eugl: Euglenophyta, Cryp: Cryptophyta, Pyrr: Pyrrophyta, Chry: Chrysophyta, Xant: Xanthophyta.
Among the other groups analyzed, Bacillariophyta and Pyrrophyta were negatively correlated with Diff2-10m, and Cryptophyta showed only a weak correlation with temperature at 2 m (Table 2).
In addition, Cryptophyta contributed significantly to winter biomass in the 1990s.
Como fue establecido en los resultados, la fertilizacion ocasiono que grupos como Cryptophyta, Dinophyta, Desmidiales y Zygnematales (que no son eufitoplanctonicas) presentaran muy poca densidad y que las Euglenophyta nunca estuvieran presentes.
Bacillariophyta was represented by 28, Chlorophyta by 25, Cyanophyta by 11, Heterokontophyta by 7, Cryptophyta by 3, Pyrrophyta by 2, and Euglenophyta by 1 species, respectively (Table 1).
A total of 184 taxa from eight Divisions (Chlorophyta, Bacillariophyta, Euglenophyta, Dinophyta, Chrysophyta, Xanthophyta, Cryptophyta and Cyanobacteria) were encountered in the rivers.
Chlorophyta was the most specious group (98 taxa), followed by Bacillariophyta (58 taxa), Cyanophyta (32 taxa), Zygnemaphyta (21 taxa), Euglenophyta (8 taxa), Chrysophyta (7 taxa), Dinophyta (6 taxa), Cryptophyta (2 taxa) and Rodophyta (1 taxa).
Chrysophyta and Cryptophyta taxa dominated the phytoplankton at the start of the experiment in all enclosures and throughout the summer in the control enclosures ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4 OMITTED], Plate 1, Appendix I).
The Bacillariophyta contributed with the highest number of species (28) followed by Cyanobacteria=Cyanoprokaryota (22), Dinophyta (six), Chlorophyta (three), Euglenophyta (two) and Cryptophyta (two).
La division Cryptophyta presento su mayor proporcion relativa durante el mes de agosto en E1, cuando las cianobacterias presentaron su menor proporcion relativa.
Lewis (1978) proposed that tropical lake phytoplankton follows the same basic sequence that occurs in temperate lakes: it starts with a community dominated by diatoms and Cryptophyta during the turn-over event which is also the time of nutrient enrichment.
Division: Cryptophyta Familia Cryptomonadaceae Ehrenberg A83 Cryptomonas ovata Ehrenberg 4 3 2 3 3 var.