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Even species with narrower distribution, such as Cheilanthes persica or Cryptogramma stelleri, are known from several countries of Middle Asia and northeastern Asia.
Cryptogramma stelleri, especially, occurs in harsh, alpine conditions, although it has also been reported from the lower mountains of northern Russia (Iljin, 1934).
Number of Vascular plant species occurrences Cystopteris fragilis 23 Cheilanthes persica 19 Asplenium ruta-muraria 16 Ceterach officinarum 13 Adiantum capillus-veneris 9 Cryptogramma stelleri 8 Campanula incanescens 7 Cortusa turkestanica 7 Poa bulbosa 6 Moss species occurrences Tortula muralis 33 Encalypta vulgaris 27 Grimmia pulvinata 15 Hygrohypnum luridum 14 Brachythecium mildeanum 12 Bryum pseudotriquetrum 12 Brachythecium albicans 9 Tortula inermis 9 Amblystegium varium 8 Table 2.
several lycopods, eight horsetails, and such species as Cryptogramma stelleri, Woodsia ilvensis, W.