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Synonyms for crypt

Synonyms for crypt

a burial place or receptacle for human remains

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a cellar or vault or underground burial chamber (especially beneath a church)

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39) The mitotic activity of the cryptal cells and differentiation of small intestinal epithelial cells, which were estimated by the metaphase-arrest method with vincristine and the ratio of the number of goblet cells to columnar epithelial cells, respectively, were also decreased by SFBmonocolonization (39) or conventionalization of GF mice.
There is the question of whether these second-hit cells are apical epithelial cells or cryptal stem cells, and also of how these clonal patches of adenomatous/dysplastic cells spread in the colon--be it top-down by lateral migration or bottom-up by crypt fission, or some combination of the 2 morphologies.
At baseline, the 23 patients had a mean of eight aberrant cryptal foci (ACF), which "have been shown to be precursor lesions of the adenoma-carcinoma sequence in humans," Dr.
He refuses to sanctify and symbolize any allegory of passing, preferring to create a kind of textual and materialist version of cryptal art.
4-6) In addition, many atypical histopathologic forms of MC and LC have been described, (7,8) such as MC not otherwise specified, (9,10) MC with giant cells, (9) and paucicellular, (10) borderline, (11) and cryptal LC, (12) all of which show more subtle histomorphologic changes than classical MC or LC.