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The 4 species in the family were initially separated into 4 distinct genera: Cryptacanthodes (Storer 1839), Cryptacanthoides (Soldatov and Lindberg 1930), Delolepis (Bean 1882), and Lyconectes (Gilbert 1895).
Cryptacanthodes aleutensis can be distinguished from C.
bergi, described and illustrated by Shiogaki (1982) and Sokolovskii and Sokolovskaya (1996), are slender, heavily pigmented, and very similar to both eastern North Pacific Cryptacanthodes.
In general, Cryptacanthodes can be distinguished from similar neustonic species by a high number of total vertebrae (71 to 85), a long and continuous dorsal fin composed only of spines, and an absence of pelvic fins (Table 4).
This species can be distinguished from both Cryptacanthodes species in the larval stage by having fewer total vertebrae (55 to 59 vs.
Larvae, juveniles and a gravid female of the blennioid Cryptacanthodes bergi, collected from Aomori, Japan.