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Synonyms for wolf

Synonyms for wolf

to swallow (food or drink) greedily or rapidly in large amounts

Words related to wolf

Austrian composer (1860-1903)


German classical scholar who claimed that the Iliad and Odyssey were composed by several authors (1759-1824)

a man who is aggressive in making amorous advances to women

a cruelly rapacious person

eat hastily


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I don't believe the county's crying wolf," Bozievich said.
But we felt we had to make the public aware it is not a case of crying wolf.
Adds Vernetson, who chairs the National Organization of Test, Research, and Training Reactors (TRTR), "I don't think we're crying wolf when we estimate that within three years we'll lose 15 to 20 of these reactors from closings," his own among them.
While it might increase their stock price in the short term, companies that are warning consumers about a chip shortage are really crying wolf,'' says Brian Abrahams, director of marketing for VisionTek, based in Gurnee.
CITY leaders have been told to stop crying wolf after trying to blame destructive weeds on Government cuts.
Godolphin run both Mizwaaj and Crying Wolf, and punters are likely to place a good deal of significance on Frankie Dettori being aboard Crying Wolf.
The message simply isn't getting through to people - I think they see it as the club crying wolf again," said one Drogs fan at the meeting.
If everyone lived within their means, instead of on the never never and bits of plastic, they wouldn't now be crying wolf.
I'd submit that it is Jeffrey who is crying wolf and should go home and reread the ``Three Little Pigs.
The 12-week qualifying period for equal pay will preserve jobs, and any employers shouting otherwise are crying wolf.
But we felt we had to make the public aware it was not a case of crying wolf.
It's crying wolf to scare everybody regarding the bond issue - and especially at the start of negotiations with employee unions,'' said teacher Marty Meeden, former president of the teachers union.