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Antonyms for uncle

the brother of your father or mother

a source of help and advice and encouragement

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As the Obama administration--pushed by domestic political forces--continues to ratchet up pressure on Iran in the elusive hope that the government in Tehran will cry uncle and give up its nuclear program, the Iranians will respond to escalation with escalation.
But in the final, the Huskies put on an unforgettably brave display, holding Jones to less than his accustomed 200 yards and refusing to cry uncle, despite being knocked flat again and again.
Unfortunately, in terms of traditional Western narrative, some auds will cry uncle before reaching the climactic tournament fight.
And now, it is the first to cry uncle to Wal-Mart (and to a lesser extent, Target), which is now the dominant player in the toy business.
As every business owner in Lane County now knows, if you hold out long enough, Lane County will cry uncle in the end.