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Synonyms for Crux

crucial point


Synonyms for Crux

a small conspicuous constellation in the southern hemisphere in the Milky Way near Centaurus

the most important point

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The firm has two affiliate companies, including Crux Strategies and Information Navigators.
We'll give full voice to disagreements within the church and the faithful," said Crux editor Teresa Hanafin.
While shooting the Crux, I kept thinking of the $449.
With the support of the athletes, Crux began working on a new, ergonomic helmet design, utilising new CAD methods and taking 3D laser scans of each individual, to ensure an accurate fit.
Crux Biomedical plans FDA submission in January and US approval in 2012.
Swedish IT company Caperio Holding AB (formerly Enlight International) (OMX First North:ENLI B) said on Friday (7 November) that it has agreed to acquire the IT consulting company Crux Holding AB.
Crux covers just 68 square degrees, and 19 Crux-sized constellations could fit inside Hydra (with a little border realignment here and there).
That really is the crux of what the Democrats must do to rise above the corruption, the excesses and the hubris that brought their Republican counterparts down in November elections.
The book has--in this reviewer's opinion--three weaknesses: One: At times, Callahan diverges from the crux of the topic through considerable efforts to contextualize his major points.
At the crux of the problem was a server containing alumni information that was supposed to be off-line.
What happens if we consider her figures in light of Rodin's Monument to Balzac, 1891-98, a crux of modernism?
And that is the crux of the whole matter: education will never improve until parents take back full responsibility for their children's education.
That mysterious, magical je ne sais quoi--ness is the unprovable crux of Intelligent Design.
Highway bridges are too often at the crux of the matter.