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Specifically, Bryozoa groups as sister to Crustacea, which contrasts with its position among the Lophotrochozoa in other hypotheses (e.
The study examined the omega-3 content of more than 40 species offish, shellfish and crustacea, and confirmed that herring, sardines and anchovies contained the highest concentration per 140g serving.
The inclusion of Collembola in such a series is either a tribute to tradition or desire to expand beyond the title of the series since all are now agreed that the Collembola are not insects and indeed may be more closely related to the Crustacea than the insects.
George Davis, manager of the Natural History Museum's Crustacea Collections, is standing beside the skeleton of a 70-pound prehistoric fish, trying to debunk the facts presented in the campy 1958 creature feature "Monster on Campus.
Chironomidae and Culicidae), 1 family of Ephemeroptera (Baetidae), and several Crustacea.
Coined in 1847, the term, according to the Cheshire-based Vegetarian Society, means: "Someone who eats no meat, poultry, fish, shellfish or crustacea and avoids by-products of the slaughterhouse such as gelatine, rennet and animal fats.
You can enjoy the Crustacea Bar in the atrium, offering a wide and exciting variety of shellfish on display.
The nature of the link is uncertain, but the potential exists for global transport of the disease on the backs of marine crustacea.
Twenty-three of Gitmo's 71 square miles are water and populated by crustacea, coral and thousands of species of tropical fish.
Marine fish resources in Indonesia consist of fish (pisces) and non fish (mollusk, crustacea, holoturaeda, reptile and mammal).
IN each shop is also a myriad of fish and crustacea that you can pick out and have delivered to you hot on a plate in minutes.
A review of the parasitic Crustacea of the genus Argulus in the collections of the United States National Museum.
Though reports are limited in the literature for crustacea, the apparent Michaelis constant reported here (2.
The Socorro isopod is a member of the order Isopoda, which is distinguished from other orders of the class Crustacea by its flattened body and seven pairs of legs.