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Cranberry Apple Crusta - A refreshing whiskey cocktail that blends the tart flavor of Ocean Spray[R] Cranberry Juice with the sweet flavor of apple cider, perfectly complementing the Jack Daniels whiskey.
Quite a comedown for the core spirit in classic cocktails such as the Sidecar, the original Sazerac and the Brandy Crusta.
Unknown fan's tributeIt's as a sportsman in your fame That you are known to us A master of the skilful game In football's upper crustA great example to us all Of what good men should be And did your talking with the ball A delight for all to see With a wicked, yet so sweet left foot You made your lasting mark A gentleman in football boots Who touched us in our hearts Be certain that as time goes by We'll talk fondly of your day With love and truth, both in our eyes And every word we say Anon.
Most of Absinthe's concoctions have been adapted from the prohibition-era, although some, like the Crusta, date back more than one hundred years.