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Synonyms for cruiser

a car in which policemen cruise the streets

a large motorboat that has a cabin and plumbing and other conveniences necessary for living on board

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Participants are eligible for prizes and recognition as Green Crusier of the Year, and are encouraged to take the Green Cruise Pledge: "In an effort to save money, keep myself personally fit and make our air safe to breathe.
Meenala Crusier has been in impressive form at Shawfield leading into the Derby
The Crusier race went to Artful Dodger jointly owned by David Purdell-Lewis and Peter Lathom.
The 7920 Defender II fits most medium- and large-frame semi-autos, while the 8905 Crusier II handles revolvers of similar sizes.
In all it was possibly a case of 'honours even' for punters and layers, with defeats for the well supported Unruly (2-1), Amolee Classic (4-6), Calzaghe Boyo (6-4), Lodgeview Pete (7-4) and Head Iton Jordan (4-6) offset by wins for the well-backed Barra Biscuit (2-1), Meenala Crusier (2-1) and Cash For Kate (11-8).
Missouri Magic 2, California Crusiers 1: Westlake's Stephanie Savre's team lost its first game.