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a passenger ship used commercially for pleasure cruises


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Not only will Seven Seas Explorer be the most luxurious cruiseship ever built it will be the owner's first Fincantieri-built cruiseship and exceed already stringent marine environmental regulations.
Swift later began thinking about starting her own business, which she began to make a reality when exploring options with Expedia Cruiseship Centers.
Summary: The RMS Queen Elizabeth II cruiseship will be given a second lease of
Despite their remote location in the South Atlantic and tiny population, the Falklands attract 70,000 cruiseship tourists every year, bringing in pounds 2.
Neil Doherty, 23, cruiseship entertainer, Gosforth: They obviously help people, but when the house has been sold it's pretty pointless.
Cuban tourism officials hope their island will soon be attracting 100,000 cruiseship passengers a year, which is how many came in 2000--even without a lifting of the U.
The Pan Pacific Hotel is uniquely located in the heart of Vancouver's downtown waterfront rising above the Canada Place, Alaska cruiseship terminal and the sails of the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre.
A report card on cruise ship emissions found the industry's investment in cutting-edge technology is producing results, according to the North West Cruiseship Association.
This trend will fuel more tie-ups between traditional superyacht builders and cruiseship builders like the recent joint venture between reputed Italian yacht builder Azimut/Benetti and Fincantieri (www.
The cruiseship sector was also steeped in controversy.
Geldhof was coauthor of the successful 1999 initiative levying a $5 head tax on cruiseship passengers arriving in Juneau.
These industry sectors play a vital role in the success of the industry and we will continue to strengthen our relationships," said John Hansen, president of North West Cruiseship Association.
Carnival Cruise Lines, the largest cruiseship operator here, will phase out its presence on the island, at least for the 2014 season, tourism industry sources said, reports Caribbean Business (April 11, 2013).
The first of four pairs of oil-spill response barges especially built for the North West CruiseShip Association participated in a spill drill recently before being permanently moored in Juneau.
BLM, which is part of the FGH Engineered Products Group, has had success in the non-energy segments with its cargo cranes and its popular line of deck machinery for the cruiseship industry.