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a passenger ship used commercially for pleasure cruises


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YOUR recent articles promoting the benefits of these megacruise liners visiting Liverpool, coupled with the "Get on Board" campaign by Peter Elson for the granting of the relevant legal status for cruise liners to start and finish their voyages at Liverpool, along with the major benefits this would bring to Merseyside's economy, is welcoming news after decades of decline.
It is almost two years since Rebecca Coriam, 24, disappeared from the Disney Wonder cruise liner she worked on as it sailed off the coast of Mexico.
WELCOME BACK: The Crown Princess cruise liner returns to the River Mersey today
Over the winter further work will be carried out on the berth, improving access for the 10 cruise liners already booked in for the 2010 season.
This allows me to go to a whole consultation that makes everyone happy and brings cruise liners back to where they came from on the Mersey.
The creation of a facility for cruise liners is a key project in the Mon a Menai Action Plan designed to boost tourism in the region.
That allows me to go to a whole consultation which makes everyone happy and brings cruise liners back to where they came from on the Mersey.
The emotive issue of why cruise liners have to use Langton Dock, within Bootle's industrial dock complex, for "turnaround" - to start and finish journeys - instead of the city's facility at the historic Pier Head, was also debated.
Angie Redhead, Liverpool Cruise Liner Terminal manager, said: When everyone in the cruise liner industry saw the image of QM2 alongside the Royal Liver Building it was the picture that painted a 1,000 words.
Liverpool's head of tourism, Keith Blundell, said the high rates were "prohibiting the growth" of Liverpool's Cruise Liner Terminal.
And the strength of the cruise liner industry nationally should also serve to remind our so-called rivals in Southampton what we have been saying throughout all the time that city has been putting obstacles in our way.
Norovirus is the scourge of cruise liners as the illness, causing severe vomiting and diarrhoea, spreads rapidly in confined areas.
For years Liverpool was left out of this growing lucrative visitor market as it had no suitable cruise ship berth - instead cruise liners literally sailed past our front door between calls at Holyhead, Dublin and the Clyde.
Peel is also set to consider moving cruise liners which use its run-down Langton Dock - currently the only place cruise passengers in Liverpool can start and finish their journeys - to the Pier Head.
Recently The Cunard, and the Royal Caribbean cruise liners visited Liverpool, they carry in excess of 3,000 passengers.