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raw vegetables cut into bite-sized strips and served with a dip

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The whole process sounds pretty unwieldy, and crudite coyotes caught crossing the border with a bunch of heritage taters in a secret compartment in their cars are still going to be in big trouble.
These create delicious cauliflower cheese or you can use them raw in salads, or as a crudite for dips, or you can even add them to pickles for Christmas.
With seven openings, it also makes a great presentation dish for dips, crudite and tapas - just stock the holders around the edge with mini-skewers for minimum mess.
Use fresh cut crudite to dip into spreads and salsas rather than salty, fatty, and dehydrating chips.
Rebecca Turner, Marketing Manager for Solo Cup Europe said: "This tumbler format is increasingly popular for to-go applications such as fruit salads, whole foods salads, crudite and hummus and yogurts and granola.
Large Iftar meal boxes, containing a hot chicken shawarma, crudites, Arabic bread, pistachio maamoul, a banana, dates, water and a laban drink, will then be served to fasting passengers in Economy Class, with similar foods served in Business and First Class.
Staff at six UK companies, including Ginsters and B&Q, have already pledged to replace chocolate bars with fruit bowls and crudites in support of the campaign.
You can even use raw asparagus as crudites for your hummus or yogurt-dill dip.
For lunch, picnic-goers had their choice of delicious barbecue or Spanish food, as well as cookies, vegetable crudites, cotton candy, and popcorn.
Ten bucks gets you and your dog all the wine, cheese, crudites and poop bags you could ever want.
The menu included Andouille Sausage, New Orleans Gumbo with Okra, Red Beans and Rice--a southern staple--and generous trays of sausages, cheeses and crudites of fresh asparagus spears and assorted tidbits.
30am every day - call 0870-333-2455 to book your 'Walk the Plank' foodbox which includes; vegetable crudites with houmous dip, Pirate punch with Dairylea triangles & crackers, Pirate burger & chips, shiver me timbers slush and deep ocean jelly.
The fondue set comes with small Party Plates sized for holding crudites and hors d'oeuvres.
Frozen vegetables can't compete with fresh as dippers, munchies, or crudites, and are still considered emergency options for gourmet cooking, but they work extremely well in stews, sautes, and stir-fries and get high ratings for the utility, quality, and value of the basics and the taste and color of the creative, trade-up meal-makers and sauce mixtures.
The four products included in the line are Zoinks, Soy Munchies, Kettle Corn and Crudites.