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Follow-up research known as jackknife validity analysis indicated the model should generalize into the future: predictions of higher annual crude death rates are expected to be 75% accurate—consistent with accuracy achieved prior to 1998, and the model is expected to capture 52% of attainable improvement above chance.
The corresponding crude death rates also show year to year variations but in their case a net decline of 4.
Among families which included a person who fled to China recently, the crude death rate rose from 28.
The number of deaths came to 5,250 in 2014 and the crude death rate was 6.
Crude death rate is also expected to decline from 3.
On the other hand, it expected crude death rate to decline from 3.
Table 8: Pharmaceutical Market, South Korea, Crude Death Rate (per 100,000 population) by Sex, 2005-2012 19
One of the most intriguing fluctuations tackled by Schwarz relates to the decline in the crude death rate over the hundred and fifty years studied.