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the ratio of live births in an area to the population of that area

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4) The regression equation to estimate the values of crude birth rate (CBR) for the years 1984 to 1988, on the basis of estimates of CBR and child mortality risks from 1962-65 to 1979 was as follows: CBR = .
On the whole the results described in Tables 14 and 15 from two sets of equations clearly show the importance of crude birth rate, migration or urbanisation level and density to explain the variation in the disability rate.
The upsurge has taken place despite some fall in fertility and the authors have attempted to quantify the factors which have led to the decline in the Crude Birth Rate (CBR) and the General Fertility Rate (GFR).
t] is used in the VAR model in the form of first differences in the unemployment rate, crude birth rate, money holdings growth rate, and output growth rate.
With growing incomes, crude birth rate tends to fall in an economy (6).
Estimates of Crude Birth Rate in India from the 1991 Census Data, Unpublished Paper, J.
The crude birth rate was 11 per 1000 and the average size of a household declined from 4.
Figure 12: Pharmaceutical Market, South Korea, Crude Birth Rate (per 1,000 People), 2005-2012 22
The Table 1 indicates a crude birth rate for Pakistan of 40.
Population projections revealed that crude birth rate in Palestinian Territory is expected to drop from 32.
The 2011 crude birth rate in Bulgaria was about the same as in Greece, Romania, Malta, Portugal and Austria.
The crude birth rate of Palestinians in Israel exceeded 25 births for every 1000 of the population.
However, the Pakistan Demographic Surveys (PDS) of 1984-87 diminished all hopes of achieving a success in the programme through reduced fertility and population growth rate, as their estimates indicated the crude birth rate at 43.