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Synonyms for crucifixion

the act of executing by a method widespread in the ancient world

the infliction of extremely painful punishment or suffering


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She's already shown the crucifiction, she's done two versions of The Last Supper, so how can the tomb be far behind?
And found under a great stone, sixty-five years after his crucifiction [sic]," Rare Book 18199, Huntington Library.
While some maintain that this very cloth was the one used to wrap Christ's body after his crucifiction, many contest that is simply a medieval fake.
Coptic Christians, formed by St Mark 50 years after Christ's crucifiction are constantly being thrown into jail for professing their faith and their women and children are being treated abysmally, including violence and rape.
which has a genuine study for the controversial subject of crucifiction within the Holy Bible in its own words.
A CONTROVERSIAL series of paintings showing the crucifiction of St Andrew went on show - and sale - last night.
Even Jesus was played by a robot - an animatron - in the most horrific of the crucifiction scenes in Mel Gibson's new film The Passion of Christ.