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European carp closely resembling wild goldfish

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Crucian school and nursery slope Birch heat supply, the main fuel pellet, spare fuel, light fuel oil.
Fishing peg 15, Stockton's Billy Leonard caught ide, mirrors, crucian and rudd on worm and maggot for third with 14lb 10oz.
The new study of the crucian carp, however, shows that its heart rate dips when oxygen drops but rises again to essentially normal rates, Stecyk and his colleagues report in the Oct.
Now research commissioned by the Agency has shown they are not only competing for food and living space,but are mating with crucian carp.
Now in-depth research commissioned by the Agency has shown that the ornamental fish are not only competing for food and living space, but are mating with crucian carp.
ANGLER John Campbell recently achieved his ambition - to catch a crucian carp.
Roach, rudd, perch and crucian carp were also being caught in abundance throughout all the lakes.
But crucian carp in radioactive ponds near the meltdown site didn't have three eyes or extra tails sprouting from their heads.
ADace, chub, roach, crucian carp and rudd will be freed as part of the Environment Agency's ongoing plans to develop and restore rivers and lakes in the region.
Contract notice: Crucian school and nursery slope birch - thermal energy production as the main fuel pellets.
Ian Exley of Daiwa Dons won with 31lb 12oz of F1s (a cross between crucian and common carp) and skimmers on pellet from peg 76.
CATCHING a true crucian carp is a tricky problem because the crucian, although related to the mighty mirror and common carp, also has goldfish and minnows as relatives in a big family.
He ended up catching 83 crucian, roach and skimmers totalling 26lbs.
I've not fished Snitterfield yet but I've been meaning to as I'm told it holds a good head of quality crucian carp over 2lb that can be caught on light tactics.
The winner was Phil Barwell (Widnes Angling Centre) with a 26lb 4oz bag of carp, tench and crucian carp, caught on legered corn.