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Meant to protest the neglect of women's political rights in recent imperial and crownland legislation providing for universal male suffrage, Dulebianka's write-in campaign garnered over five hundred votes from an electorate of 12,000.
His book deals with the negotiations associated with the unsuccessful attempt by the Czech nobility and growing middle class to secure a federalized Habsburg monarchy with the Crownlands of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia, thus becoming an equal partner with Austria and Hungary, changing the structure of the empire from a dualist to a trialist one.
IN the case of Austria-Hungary, the outlying crownlands of Galicia and Bukovina provided interesting subject material and views that would appeal to the adventurer who might travel to these parts.
Scott Macfie told Lucy Broadwood that Alice Gillington was 'absorbed in a wild scheme to encourage all the British gypsies and posh-rats to petition the King of England to give them the free use of "The King's Highway, the Commons, Open Spaces and Crownlands as in the days of old"' (Gypsy Lore Society Archive, Scott Macfie to Lucy Broadwood, 10 February 1911).
Although the Music Division in Brno is best known for its Leos Janacek holdings, and is indeed housed in the organ school at which Janacek worked, Sehnal has devoted many years of an active career to research into Czech Baroque music from the period after the Thirty Years War; and since Bohemia and Moravia were then crownlands of the Habsburg Empire, his work relates intimately and centrally to the history of music in Austria and adjacent German-speaking areas in that period.
Upper Austria, which is part of the Republic of Austria today, was one of the crownlands of the Habsburg Monarchy.