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Under the agreement, the government can opt to transfer Crown lands to MB and/or remove some of MB's privately owned land from Tree Farm Licences.
The British Columbia Court of Appeal ruled that Aboriginal people have the right to cut timber on Crown land.
To test this theory additional properties have been acquired covering all Crown lands available for staking in nine townships extending west for approximately 45 kilometres to the Minnesota (U.
The land component will consist of approximately 1,966 hectares of Treaty Settlement Lands, made up of 217 hectares of former Indian reserves and 1,749 hectares of Crown lands owned in fee simple.
If the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) is the landlord for crown lands we want them to invest the equity wisely," he says.
There are good opportunities to acquire Crown lands in this region and the Corporation is well positioned to be active in this area in the future.
It appears the agreement was imposed on the industry, and the industry is in no position to react since the government owns Crown lands.
But, he adds, Canada's forest industry needs to find an environmentally acceptable way of getting rid of forest slash and help clear Crown lands for reforestation.
The third objective is to clarify the responsibilities of government and mineral sector companies by strengthening and confirming the status of mining lands in land use planning and decision making on Crown lands.
The Ontario Mining Association and member companies will contribute up to $500,000 this year to complete rehabilitation work on Crown lands, according to a release.
Mike Yuan, professor and director of the Centre for Parks, Recreation and Tourism Research at Lakehead University, recently completed a comprehensive recreation planning framework for Crown lands in the Dog River-Matawin Forest region, including Quetico Provincial Park.
Since the MNR reduced staff over the last decade and handed joint forest management on Crown lands with industry, Barton says both sides must engage in a "critical and open" analysis of whether guidelines are working.
A series of public consultations were held from Dryden to North Bay in January and February to allow forestry industry stakeholders to have their say into the timber harvest on Crown lands.
Domtar entered into a five-year agreement with Brunswick House to provide the six-year-old company with harvesting opportunities on Crown lands licensed to Domtar in the Chapleau area.
The Dryden district's proposed protected Crown lands are going through the final steps of Ontario's Living Legacy Land Use Strategy.