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This is an important step toward modernizing the agricultural Crown lands leasing policies with the goal of supporting a thriving livestock industry in our province, said Eichler.
He further went on write, If the people who are landless, wanting land for themselves, the Government can very well indentify some crown lands and meet their requirements.
To achieve effective stewardship of Crown land, (1) Queensland law requires that Crown land management have regard to the principles of sustainability, evaluation, development, community purpose, protection, consultation and administration.
Alves, Lands Guide: A Guide to Finding Records of Crown Land at Public Record Office Victoria
McPherson goes further and feels that the Inuit may form their own community-based exploration groups and may one day aspire to take on responsibility for all Crown lands in Nunavut.
In some cases compensation will be offered; the government anticipates that some crown lands will be returned to native landowners.
In New Brunswick, a Mi'kmaq Indian was charged with unlawfully possessing timber from Crown lands after forestry officers caught him hauling logs off Crown land.
The controversy has also revived a very old argument which states that when one takes into account the profits from the Crown Lands, surrendered by George III to Parliament in 1760, `the monarchy does not cost anything at all' and the state nowadays actually makes a profit from the royal family (The Spectator, March 20th, 1999).
In the ongoing, public debate between environmentalists and the province over the issue of wilderness protection and the designation of certain Crown lands as `Special Places', an important but powerful voice has so far remained unheard.
Sullivan, Commissioner of Crown Lands, 28 March 1837, submitted to John Joseph Esq.
Graham Haslam focuses on the Elizabethan duchy of Cornwall; Madeleine Gray demonstrates that many purchasers of Crown lands were themselves Crown officials, then she covers Crown office holding in Wales.
It is thought the Blackstone/Glenhaven application covers surrounding alluvial farmland, Crown Lands and Forests, Conservation Lands, National Parks, private and state owned coal and mineral license areas of no interest to Anzex and outside the area of any possible igneous platinum mineralisation.
However, the First Nation claims that Saskatchewan has failed to make any Crown lands or minerals available for purchase and the province has created barriers to settlement by permitting new third party interests and taking up land for lease and/or sale without consultation with Pasqua First Nation.
Irving's annual allocation of spruce, fir, jack pine and white pine on Crown lands for Irving totals 1,617,000 cubic metres.
We have made that decision before: in 1898 Ontario outlawed the export of whole logs taken from Crown lands.