Crown land

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Berrimah Farm consists of approximately 168 hectares of vacant Crown land and is bound by key arterial roads in Stuart Highway to the north and Tiger Brennan Drive to the south.
They have filed two applications--a land use application with the province for use of Crown land, and a development permit application with the City of Revelstoke.
The aim of the Lands Guide is to help people find records about Crown land in Victoria.
In Ontario, Crown land makes up 87 per cent of the land base with 937,000-square-kilometres, roughly the size of British Columbia.
He said: "A purchase will now be less complicated as it will be easier to establish a planning permission for a future use before the site ceases to be Crown land.
Crown land not only includes Her Majesty's private estates, and those of the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall, but also the land of government departments and executive agencies, including the Ministry of Defence and the Home Office.
Two separate cases involving the assertion of the Mi'kmaq treaty right to log on Crown land were rolled into one Supreme Court of Canada decision.
Northern Sun has acquired a total of six sections of land adjoining the Company's existing sixteen sections near Divide in south west Saskatchewan at a recent provincial crown land sale.
Development on Timiskaming Crown land was stalled for years when a land caution preventing staking and exploration activities was attached to nearly 10,000 square kilometres of land in the district as a result of the Native claim.
Mr Blunkett and his cronies can go over the heads of our own elected leaders in Holyrood because the building lies on Crown land.
The land claims treaty saw the transfer of 2,000 square kilometers of Crown land in British Columbia to the Nisga'a nation.
I am descended from John (Jan) Woodcock and his wife Elsje (Alice) Cornelius who came to Canada in 1783, and received Crown Land in Fredericksburgh.
Their peg misses that tree by several metres into the Crown land.
In New Brunswick, a Mi'kmaq Indian was charged with unlawfully possessing timber from Crown lands after forestry officers caught him hauling logs off Crown land.
The final settlement in 1995 returned 40,000 acres of Crown land, including the land on which the University of Waikato, the courts and high courts stand, and gave Waikato Tainui NZ$60 million to replace land which could not be returned because it lay within conservation areas.