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a British colony controlled by the British Crown, represented by a governor

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Moreover, although the establishment of Crown Colony government by the British during their second occupation of the territory between the 18th and 19th century gave strength to imperial agents, "it took the Dutch state about two centuries to wrest control over the colonial state apparatus from the local elites (p.
6 million fixed-rate loan through Boston Private Bank & Trust for 300 Crown Colony, a 118,000-square-foot, class-A office property in Quincy, Massachusetts.
Once a dependency of Jamaica, the islands became a separate British crown colony when Jamaica gained independence in 1962.
The Straits Chinese or Peranakan were trusted by the British administration when Singapore was a crown colony.
The year 2008 also marked the 150th anniversary of the province of British Columbia becoming a Crown Colony.
The conference, which will mark the bicentenary of the establishment of Sierra Leone as a British Crown colony in 1808, will be held at the Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation, University of Hull, Hull, U.
In 1624, when the company lost its charter and Virginia became a crown colony, failure, not a glorious beginning, seemed a more appropriate description.
It is a tale punctuated by dramatic events: the Brooke dynasty ceding Sarawak to Britain as a Crown Colony in 1946; the December 1962 rebellion of the Partai Rakyat in Brunei; resulting arrests in Sarawak; entry into Malaysia alongside Malaya, Singapore and Sabah on 16 September 1963; the Indonesian Confrontation with Malaysia across the Borneo jungle border and consequent Indonesian backed insurgency in Sarawak; the October 1965 'coup' in Indonesia, which turned that country anticommunist and forced the Sarawak communists to stand by themselves; a major surrender in 1973; and, the final peace agreement by the North Kalimantan Communist Party in 1990.
But the extraordinary development of the sport in what was once the Crown Colony and is now, since 1997, the Special Administrative Region of China, is also a great tribute to the foresight of those who've controlled its administration over the years.
By 1624, fed up with mismanagement and infighting that produced bankruptcy for the Virginia Company rather than a profitable economic enterprise, King James I revoked the charter he had granted the company and declared Virginia a crown colony answerable to him.
How could this happen in a province that was converted from Hudson's Bay Company land into a Crown Colony because of the Cariboo Gold Rush, and which has such an impressive legacy of geological research and mineral development?
In which former Crown Colony will the Queen enjoy a day at the races?
The islands remained a British Crown Colony when Jamaica voted for independence in 1962.
As one of the most Westernized cities of Asia, which stems from British influence during the time that Hong Kong was a Crown Colony, fries are hardly new to the local population.
Back in the mid-1700s, when Tobago was a British Crown Colony, legislators waged a decade-long battle to create a fourteen-thousand-acre preserve along the Main Ridge, a ruggedly mountainous spine that reaches heights of nearly nineteen-hundred feet and extends across the eastern two-thirds of this twenty-six-mile-long landfall.