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a low evergreen shrub with small purple flowers and black berrylike fruit

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Crowberries, pembinas and others are also harvested late in fall or early in winter.
On the headlands and in the bogs berries ripened in billions, wild currants, gooseberries, ground hurts, cranberries, marshberries, partridgeberries, squashberries, late wild strawberries, crowberries, cloudy bakeapples stiff above maroon leaves.
Some of his wanderings are imaginary, as with a hallucinatory visit from the now-extinct Beothuck Indians of Newfoundland, where ghostly presences attend his solitary campfire, their very beings arising from the flora and detritus of the place: "Their eyes are crowberries squeezed into the swartness of their lost archaic faces.
Apart from wild blackberries and blueberries we have seen lingonberries -- similar to cranberries but much sweeter -- cloudberries and crowberries.
He watched incessantly for rock tripe, withered crowberries, anything.