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grown in many varieties for their brightly colored foliage

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In Central and South Florida, crotons have ebbed and flowed in popularity.
Crotons were named after family members, favorite pets and politicians.
By the 1950s, some nurseries around Miami sold only crotons.
They're on a mission to find the crotons of yesteryear before they disappear.
I've collected quite a few plants, from heliconias to gingers and palms, but when I got to crotons I stopped," says Lee.
Reconnoiter your area to locate interesting crotons, especially in old neighborhoods"--admonishing them, of course, to "always ask permission first" before taking cuttings.
Right now, the horticultural arena is crazy about crotons.
CROTONS do flower, but it's the plant that's showy, not the flower.
Twenty cultivars, including eight crotons and seven poinsettias, exhibited virtually no cancer-promoting activity, the scientists report in the September ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PERSPECTIVES.