Crotalus scutulatus

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extremely dangerous

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Crotalus scutulatus (Kennicott, 1861) se distribuye desde el oeste del desierto de Mojave en Estados Unidos de Norte America hasta el Valle de Tehuacan, al sur de Puebla, Mexico (Campbell & Lamar 2004; Canseco-Marquez & Gutierrez-Mayen 2010).
Geographic distribution: Serpentes: Crotalus scutulatus salvini.
Geographic distribution: Serpentes Crotalus scutulatus.
Isolation and characterization of two disintegrins inhibiting ADP-induced human platelet aggregation from the venom of Crotalus scutulatus scutulatus (Mohave Rattlesnake).
Key Words: Crotalus, Crotalus aquilus, Crotalus atrox, Crotalus intermedius, Crotalus molossus, Crotalus scutulatus, Crotalus totonacus, Crotalus triseriatus, range extension.
This is in contrast to the western rattlesnake, Crotalus viridis, the western diamondback rattlesnake, Crotalus atrox, the Mojave rattlesnake, Crotalus scutulatus and the tiger rattlesnake, Crotalus tigris in which the major period of spermiogenesis occurs in summer-autnumn (Aldridge 1979a, Jacob et al.
Reproductive tissue was examined from 145 museum specimens of Crotalus scutulatus from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Mexico.
The Mojave rattlesnake, Crotalus scutulatus ranges from southern Nevada to Puebla, Mexico and the western edge of the Mojave Desert, California to extreme western Texas from near sea level to around 2530 m elevation (Stebbins 1985).
Crotalus scutulatus females from June, August-September, November (Table 2) were undergoing early yolk deposition (vitellogenic granules = secondary yolk deposition sensu Aldridge 1979a) at which time it would not have been possible to complete the process and ovulate during the current activity season.
Similar testicular cycles may also occur in Crotalus scutulatus in which spermiogenesis takes place in July-August and Crotalus atrox in which spermiogenesis takes place in August-September (Jacob et al.