Crotalus cerastes

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small pale-colored desert rattlesnake of southwestern United States

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Alexander and Alexander (1957) described Oochoristica crotalicola from Crotalus cerastes and C.
A related species, Thubunaea cnemidophorus, has been reported from Crotalus cerastes, C.
Hexametra boddaertii (Nematoda: Ascaridae) in the sidewinder, Crotalus cerastes (Crotalidae), from California.
Food of Crotalus cerastes laterorepens in Yuma County, Arizona.
Episodes of rattlesnakes acquiring water from rain, sleet, or snow in arid habitats during the active or inactive (overwintering) seasons have been reported for Crotalus cerastes (Rorabaugh, 2007), C.
Reproductive tissue was examined from 159 museum specimens of Crotalus cerastes from California.
The sidewinder, Crotalus cerastes, ranges from southern Nevada, southern California, south-central Arizona and extreme southwestern Utah, south to northeastern Baja California and northwestern Sonora; it occurs from below sea level to around 1830 m and is most common where there are sand hummocks topped with creosote bushes or mesquite (Stebbins 2003).
Specimens of Crotalus cerastes from California (by county) examined from the herpetology collection of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles (LACM) and the San Diego Society of Natural History (SDSNH).
Crotalus cerastes may be the only species of North American Crotalus in which females are larger than males (Ernst 1992), however further study will be needed before this is known.
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