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any of several lichens of the genus Parmelia from which reddish brown or purple dyes are made

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This second part, divided into three units, begins with crotales calling into space but becomes more and more agitated and emphatic.
While the 2014 SOCAN trophy works with notes in C-major, in future years it will be "tuned" by a prominent SOCAN member, who will personally select his or her five notes to be produced by SABIAN's crotales.
Examples include the Euromissile Roland, Thomson-CSF Crotale and Shahine, and the British Aerospace Rapier series.
The Crotale NG has been ordered by Finland and has been selected by the Royal Netherlands Air Force.
The Crotale NG is reportedly derived from the Liberty system proposed for the US Army FAADS-LOS-H programme, which was won by the Oerlikon ADATS.
PHOTO : The shelter versions of the Thomson-CSF Crotale NG, as proposed for the defence of targets
PHOTO : The Thomson-CSF Shahine is an improved derivative of the Crotale, based on the AMX-30
Dans le Gnaoui de Souss c'est Guinga (le gros tambour) qui tient la vedette avec biens sur les incontournables crotales.
crotales, wooden and iron castanets, tambourine, tamtam, and bells, which surely accounts for some of the opera's impressive power and brilliance (p.
Of the duo vehicles for Driskill- Smith and Currie's mind-boggling virtuosity, Petr Eben's five-movement Landscapes of Patmos was a tad overlong for my taste, but Dave Maric's Borrowed Time, easily the most accessibly attractive work on the programme, with struck and bowed crotales and vibraphone resonating like ghostly harmonics, seemed all too short.
The percussionist is required to play vibraphone, marimba, tubular bells, crotales, and tambourine.
Notable sweet, bell-like crotales contrast beautifully with delicate temple block patterns over ghostly, disembodied recorded sounds.