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a puzzle in which words corresponding to numbered clues are to be found and written in to squares in the puzzle

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Teachers may decide to teach or review grammatical topics using crossword puzzles.
At the core of the movie lies the 28th annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, a collegial affair populated by a collection of intelligent eccentrics who look like nerds but think like middle linebackers.
Edmund Conti likes to do the Times crossword puzzles in ink.
I believe crossword puzzles inspire creativity and mix things up a little.
The first crossword puzzle was compiled by Liverpool-born Arthur Wynne, who worked in the tricks and jokes department of the New York World newspaper.
on maps) now exist only on out-of-date maps or as obscure clues for crossword puzzles.
Teachers can use the programs to create and save vocabulary lists, access an online dictionary, create word lists, provide targeted math practice, design math crossword puzzles and print out word-search puzzles.
A "Simpson-esque" comic that rehashes some pretty funny events in the lives of the EMB crew, it also includes stuff like crossword puzzles and games.
Why isn't 10 hours a week spent reading books, watching television, doing crossword puzzles, listening to music, or other solitary hobbies just as "socially isolating"?
Here it is the construction of crossword puzzles that takes over the chief character's mind.
Members of Wintons' group often create simple games or crossword puzzles based on the story's elements to get everyone talking.
The two of them have constructed over 10,000 crossword puzzles since 1989.
Washington, Nov 30 (ANI): Brain training other than with the use of crossword puzzles can prove to be more effective in improving cognitive function, a new study has claimed.
Jeannine Andrade had that very idea Tuesday when she claimed a choice seat and pulled out crossword puzzles.
BOB SAPP, LIKE MEL Ott, has a name made for crossword puzzles.