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wind blowing across the path of a ship or aircraft

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Strong winds were one of the most important aspects to consider for aviation purposes, with the crosswind component of wind gusts being of particular concern.
The truth is those first nine stages are going to be bedlam, and I'm probably going to lose time on the cobbled stage and the days that are hit by crosswinds.
Fatal Crash Causes - Crosswinds vs Sleet Via: Auto Insurance Center Inclement weather: Crosswinds vs.
Colin King, Crosswinds' CEO, said, "This joint venture represents the consummation of a Crosswinds platform investment in the insurance industry.
I chose the longer runway at Pax River with a 13-knot crosswind instead of a 2,000 foot shorter one with no crosswind.
What should have been a straightforward flat stage before a bunch sprint finish was instead an ever-changing drama as crosswinds blew across the roads from Tours, splitting the peloton several times.
MARK Cavendish answered his critics with victory on stage 13 of the Tour de France to Saint-Amand-Montrond but Chris Froome saw more than a minute of his lead over Alberto Contador blown away by the crosswinds.
Strong crosswinds split the peloton, and it was Froome's main rival Alberto Contador who profited the most as he took 69 seconds out of the Team Sky man's lead.
The stability and security of the Jaguar XF Sportbrake during strong crosswinds and abrupt lane changes earned particular praise, as did its performance, refinement, cabin execution and overall practicality.
The rough is thick and there are a few crosswinds which makes the fairways tough to hit.
It can measure crosswinds at ranges of over 2,000 metres.
Similarly, sound bends towards slower wind speeds, so the right crosswinds can bend sound around barriers.
The airline Monarch sought to play down Tuesday afternoon's incident, saying the flight from Malaga had "bounced slightly" after being hit by crosswinds, but admitted the landing was so heavy that engineers checked the plane for damage.
Crosswinds are the most difficult situation to play in.
The approach and landing were further complicated by high crosswinds that were a mere 2 knots shy of the maximum allowable crosswinds for a normal operating aircraft.