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a section created by a plane cutting a solid perpendicular to its longest axis

a sample meant to be representative of a whole population

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(physics) the probability that a particular interaction (as capture or ionization) will take place between particles

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Most everyone agrees that tax breaks to encourage new investment would be of the greatest benefit to the widest crosssection of entrepreneurs.
The rails and crosspieces can be cut from finished or rough 1"x3" stock (or split grape stakes with a crosssection size close to this size).
My chicken shawarma main arrived on a crosssection of what must have been a seriously hefty tree and comprised a sort of fillyour own flatbread scenario.
The insolvencies of Phones4U, Albemarle & Bond, and La Senza, a diverse crosssection of the retail market, epitomise these factors.
We were particularly happy with the crosssection of applications in terms or types of events, geography and appeal to dierent sections of society and the money raised has been ploughed back into promoting the Welsh language within the area.
The main advantage of this technology is that it allows to reduce significantly the heat load onto the detector since the metallic lines (which are the main conductive loss) can be reduced to the bare minimum crosssection required.
We've got a great crosssection of customers and hope it will attract more young people who want a night out in the village instead of heading into town and we're really glad of the support we've had so far.
Around 200 people from a crosssection of protest groups, including Cardiff Against Cuts and Youth Cardiff, gathered outside City Hall ahead of Cardiff council's full council meeting to decide the city's budget yesterday.
From deeds to a PS2m house, a set of 24 carat gold Indian Gods and a Vertu mobile phone right through to a pet tarantula and even exclusive yoghurt flavours which have not even been launched to the public, it's evident what a crosssection of people stay in our 500 hotels.
The festival programme features many of the current big names on the folk scene alongside a crosssection of home-grown acts, many of whom are making a big national impact.
The free-wheeling plot centres on a crosssection of New Yorkers, each of whom faces a momentous decision before midnight.
But three individuals in a week is no huge crosssection of Britain and, anyway, it's not always a bad thing to give idiot racists a platform.
We want to build a diverse portfolio that represents a true crosssection of the North West economy.
Relaxed and elegant, it appeals to a wide cross-section of people with a wide crosssection of pocket, and in his first year as boss, Adam Waterworth has made an excellent start.
Now a Fulbright scholar studying public policy at the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, Jasmine intends to come back to India to work at the crosssection of urban policy and digital activism in India.