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a section created by a plane cutting a solid perpendicular to its longest axis

a sample meant to be representative of a whole population

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(physics) the probability that a particular interaction (as capture or ionization) will take place between particles

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hopefully singing for a crosssection of tourists who will be visiting the central Kansas landmark.
The committee developing the standards includes 12 education professionals who represent a crosssection of educators from around the country.
It takes a crosssection in time and provides a picture of working-class life on the basis of a distinct family, very different from a homogenous working-class covered by professional writers.
The Pakistan Day Reception was attended by a large number of people from crosssection of the society including members of House of Lords, MPs, judiciary, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, diplomats and Pakistani diaspora.
Between the morning and afternoon ceremonies, a small crosssection of students had the privilege of attending a special reception with The Princess Royal.
The Advance research, one of the largest morbiditymortality trials conducted for type 2 diabetes patients, is aimed at assessing the effects of intensive glucose and blood pressure control on major vascular outcomes in a broad crosssection of patients.
The troupe performed at several shows at different malls and shopping centres during the recent Eid Al Adha holiday, covering a crosssection of folk arts from Qatar, Asmi said.
It came about following research carried out over a year ago when IIP talked to a crosssection of organisations like Standard Life to much smaller organisations like Ace Winches about recruitment.
The ring frame offers optimized design to ensure a reasonable crosssection size, a stable frame structure, wide range of spinning applications, with high quality yarn, with significant saving in energy consumption.
Several years ago, a crosssection of entrepreneurs was asked what commonalities they shared as they built their enterprises.
We have got a great crosssection of goods; that's one of the things the judges picked up on," said Nigel.
The prestigious certification was awarded after a rigorous inspection which included a detailed desktop audit of A-Plant's Performance Standards Department and 11 Service Centres which were randomly selected by the HAE to represent a crosssection of the business, to ensure they met its stringent Safety and Quality criteria.
Then it developed into the concept of a controlled portrait of a festival, with some of the crowd, roadies, security, a real crosssection of the weekend.
The considerable number of pictures give both an idea of the terrain involved and a crosssection of the individuals who served there.
Mehdi Hassan sang the compositions of a crosssection of poets but some of his best songs reflected the work of Mir Taqi Mir, Mirza Ghalib and Faiz Ahmed Faiz.