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any of several types of coaxial cable used in ethernets

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You can purchase an Ethernet crossover cable and transceiver at an Apple-authorized retailer.
0 crossover cable will retail for $59 and the Desktop DNA Professional Migration Kit with Ethernet crossover cable retails for $49.
Capabilities include peer to peer migration using USB or crossover cable and support for Windows applications running on Linux.
AutoCross is directly targeted at easing the installation problems sometimes associated with media conversion and provides a means for the installer to make the connections without needing a crossover cable.
The EtherBridge connects directly to the Ethernet port of the networked printer with the included crossover cable, and an 802.
For interfacing to a company's local area network, it features an intelligent 10/100 Ethernet 8-port switch that auto-detects full or half duplex operation, regular or crossover cable and connection to another switch or hub.
All five transceivers support Auto MDI/MDIX to detect and support crossover cable.
AudioPoint includes the AudioPoint Digital Audio Receiver, AudioPoint Desktop Installation CD with MusicMatch Jukebox, 9V Power Transformer, Quick Reference Guide, Category 5 Crossover Cable and a Category 5 cable female- female barrel connector.
Miramar Systems' DNA Professional retails for $39, or $49 with a high-speed Ethernet crossover cable for direct migration between PCs.
With the Desktop DNA Migration Kit, an included high-speed Ethernet crossover cable streams a PC's DNA from one machine to another, performing a real-time migration with just a few clicks within the user-friendly wizard interface.
This allows the user to cascade hubs without the use of a special crossover cable.
On the media side, the KSZ8041TL supports 10Base-T and 100Base-TX copper with HP auto MDI/MDI-X for reliable detection of and correction for straight-through and crossover cables.
Users upgrading from a 2-node network will especially appreciate the router's Auto-UplinkT feature that supports both standard and crossover cables.
Each transceiver also supports software configuration, making network installation and maintenance easier and eliminating the need for special crossover cables.