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Synonyms for cross-link

a side bond that links two adjacent chains of atoms in a complex molecule

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join by creating covalent bonds (of adjacent chains of a polymer or protein)

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Increasing amount of crosslinking agent can produce more C=C bonds and active radicals, which in turn causes more DMC and AMPS monomers to graft onto the alkali-treated PVDF membrane.
The aim of the present study is to assess the effect of various crosslinking agents on the physical properties of acellular swim bladder of fish origin.
Fatty acid, polyalkylene polyamine and crosslinking agent were provided by Shengli Chemical Co.
A novel natural-based superabsorbent composite polymer was prepared by graft copolymerization of acrylic acid onto gelatin backbones in the presence of a crosslinking agent.
Normally, heat is applied to activate the crosslinking agents and accelerators in order to achieve crosslinking.
Triethanolamine (TEA, Chengdu Kelong Chemical Reagents Factory, China) was used a crosslinking agent.
11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Bluestar Silicones announced the introduction of a premium release additive and a crosslinking agent for solvent-borne silicone systems for a range of label applications.
Valspar Sourcing has been granted a patent for a coating composition comprised of a polymer comprised of an organic backbone and at least one acetoacyl-functional group; at least one carbonyl-functional solvent compound having a sufficient concentration in the coating composition to provide a pot life that is greater than a pot life attainable with an equal concentration of xylene, wherein a concentration of solvent-based carbonyl groups from the at least one carbonyl-functional solvent compound constitutes greater than approximately 15 percent by weight of the coating composition, based on an entire weight of the coating composition; and a crosslinking agent.
Nylons 6, 66, and 11 can be radiation crosslinked, but the first two require addition of a crosslinking agent.
For example, if a crosslinking agent is not uniformly mixed into the rubber prior to initiating the reaction, the crosslink density will be higher for some rubber particles and lower in others.
Dicumyl peroxide (DCP), the crosslinking agent, and triallyl cyanurate (TAC), the coagent, were purchased from Akzo Nobel Company and RPM Products, Turkey, respectively.
In some aspects, the article includes super-absorbent material having a surface additive that includes a surface crosslinking agent, a water-insoluble inorganic metal compound and a polymeric coating.
5%, it is used as a flame retardant and corrosion-resistant agent for unsaturated polyester and alkyd resins, and as a crosslinking agent in epoxy.
At the October meeting of the British Society, Andrew Brown, of Cytec Surface Specialties, presented a talk on a new crosslinking agent for high durability industrial coatings.
About Novobrace Our patented technology, NEXTTM, is a chemically made internal brace formed by injection of a crosslinking agent which immediately adds mechanical support to the tendon or ligament.