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Synonyms for cross-link

a side bond that links two adjacent chains of atoms in a complex molecule

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join by creating covalent bonds (of adjacent chains of a polymer or protein)

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The product is commonly used as a sole binder in combination with suitable crosslinking agents and auxiliaries.
In the case where the amine-terminated HBPAA was used as the crosslinking agent, the 4 wt% solution of HBPAA and 10 wt% solution of MI in NMP were mixed, cast on the substrate and then heated at 60[degrees]C for 12 h, 100[degrees]C for 1 h, 150[degrees]C for 1 h, 200[degrees]C for 2 h and 230[degrees]C for 1 h.
1987), dialdehyde starch (Rosenberg, 1978) and epoxy compounds (Noishiki, 1989) have been used as crosslinking agents.
Ambient self-crosslinkable acrylic resin/protein composite emulsions can be prepared by copolymerizing a functional monomer AAEM with MA, BA and AA, and a certain amount of gelatin or casein is employed as a crosslinking agent to add.
However, crease recovery angle values of Protorez R treated fabrics are better than crease recovery angle values of Arkofix NZF treated fabrics, which support the concept that intra-molecular crosslinks formed by DHEU crosslinking agent are not as effective in enhancing the crease recovery of fabrics as intermolecular crosslinks formed by DMDHEU crosslinking agent.
Fatty acid, polyalkylene polyamine and crosslinking agent were provided by Shengli Chemical Co.
The superabsorbent composite was prepared by graft copolymerization of acrylic acid onto gelatin in the presence of a crosslinking agent and powdery kaolin.
Parameters such as HA source, HA concentration, nature of crosslinking agent, crosslinking process (single or multiple crosslinking), particle size and ratio of crosslinked HA hydrogel to uncrosslinked HA solution, all constitute variables used to differentiate commercial products currently on the market.
has introduced a crosslinking agent for waterborne urethanes, acrylics and other self crosslinkable resins and fluoropolymers.
The crosslinking agent has great influence on PDMS membrane pervaporation performance.
02 to 4 parts by weight of a crosslinking agent, and 1 to 6 parts by weight of a foaming agent.
The crosslinking agent is a peroxide and the crosslinking promoter contains maleimido, (meth)acrylate or allyl groups.
GM Global Technology Operations has been granted a patent for a polymer comprised of a reaction product of an epoxy resin; a first crosslinking agent reactive with the epoxy resin and having a first molecular weight; and a second crosslinking agent reactive with the epoxy resin, wherein the second crosslinking agent is an amine having a polyether backbone, at least one amino group attached to the polyether backbone, and a second molecular weight of at least 2.
Fixation index is used to estimate the percentage of amino groups within the tissue reacted with the crosslinking agent.
Nylons 6, 66, and 11 can be radiation crosslinked, but the first two require addition of a crosslinking agent.