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Synonyms for cross-link

a side bond that links two adjacent chains of atoms in a complex molecule

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join by creating covalent bonds (of adjacent chains of a polymer or protein)

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In previous papers, we proved that the heat stability of PLA-based materials can be significantly improved by radiation-induced crosslinking in the presence of triallyl isocyanurate (TAIC) (10), (16-18).
The crosslinking propagates via the crosslinking additive.
Keywords Crosslinking, Diacetone acrylamide, Film formatio, Keta - hydrazide, Surfactant
An automated test for crosslinking could be a major step in quality control as well as for monitoring long-term performance.
Crosslinking reaction was studied at 151[degrees]C for 30 minutes and at an oscillation frequency of 1.
In this study, it was aimed to improve the toughness and also impact strength of PLA by blending it with silicone rubber, with and without dynamic crosslinking.
1% genipin fixed samples, the aggregate modulus was usually higher after decellularization and genipin crosslinking compared to fresh samples.
TechnoCompound GmbH, an engineering compounder in Bad $obernheim, Germany, recently introduced nylon 6 and 66 compounds with a radiation crosslinking additive.
Also covered will be metal catalysts for isocyanate crosslinking and accelerating epoxy crosslinking with amines/polyamides, etc.
Our emphasis is on understanding fundamental principles, of the formation and aging of latex films, of crosslinking of polymer films, of the reaction mechanisms that lead to bond formation, and of the competition between bond formation and polymer diffusion in latex films.
However, crosslinking reduces toughness and ductility.
Varox organic peroxide crosslinking agents are offered for silicone elastomers.
In the products triallyl cyanurate (TAC) and triallyl isocyanurate (TAICROS), Evonik offers two high-quality crosslinking boosters.
It oxidizes the thiol group in PSF to form disulfide linkage for crosslinking as indicated in Fig.
The process includes forming a monomer mixture comprising at least one monomer capable of forming a superabsorbent polymer, a crosslinking agent, an initiator system that contains 0 to 300 ppm of a persulfate, a photoinitiator and, optionally, water.